School Training Information - Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST)

School Training Information - Subject Knowledge Enhancement

If your school has non-specialists teaching secondary maths, physics or MFL, or returners who would like to brush up on their knowledge then a Teacher Subject Specialism Training course could help to increase the subject knowledge and confidence of these teachers.   

The purpose of these free TSST courses is to improve the subject knowledge of non-specialist and returning teachers in the following subjects:


  • Secondary mathematics
  • Core mathematics
  • Secondary Physics
  • Secondary MFL: French, Spanish and/or Mandarin

This training is available to those who are already teaching, or have a firm intention to teach a TSST subject in a secondary school or sixth form college in the near future.

The following local lead schools are involved in the delivery of TSST:

Homewood School
Gravesend Grammar School
Longfield Academy
Weald of Kent Grammar School
Rochester Grammar School
Dartford Grammar School

For provision in your local area please consult the TSST Directory.

The content and delivery model of all TSST courses have been approved by the DfE in order to meet a minimum standard and they are designed to offer flexible delivery and to support you in workforce planning.

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