Sep 28, 2018 | 10.30am | Parliament Square London

28th September Details from Jules White’s Communication to Sussex Headteachers...

With this in mind the time for delivering on the 28 September has now arrived!

I have worked out a concrete plan which is set out below. I hope that it meets to everyone’s approval:

Meeting - Meet Parliament Sq from 10.30am. Full gathering by 11am.

Action - We will deliver a joint letter to The No 11 Downing St at 12 noon. 6 colleagues heads will represent us all by delivering it by hand. The rest of us can show support and engage with the media (see below).

Focus - A reversal of the 8% real terms cuts since 2010. Emergency cash injections for at risk primary schools, SEND/HNB, 6th forms. Clarity on the pay award. No more additional costs / cuts. Draft letter to follow

1000 heads - ACTION - please don’t leave it to somebody else. If we all work together then the day will be extremely powerful. If we hope magically that 30 others from our local area will go in our stead it won’t happen.

Media - The national media is all set up. This includes BBC news and breakfast tv, ITN, C4 and the papers. I would like as many of you to speak / quote as possible

ACTION - Please could you invite your local tv, radio and news outlets along too.. if you could continue making them aware I will also forward a press release shortly.

BBC breakfast are interested in doing a week long focus in the run up to the 28th. the Guardian are doing a feature on September 25 and ITN are booked for the 27th. In my view, however, it’s the power of local media that really makes a difference

MPs - ACTION - please feel free to invite your local MPs whatever their political persuasion. As you know if governors wish to attend then they are most welcome.

Wider support. As you know it is vital that all professional associations and pressure groups maintain their independence and that WL? remain free of any perceived bias. We are, however, being brilliantly supported by parents, associations, F40, Heads Round Table and the NGA. I have placed key colleagues on copy (as well as West Sussex heads) so that we are all in the loop. These groups are all meeting on Sept 21 in London to further co-ordinate our efforts whenever we can. On the day itself there should be no union banners please. All the prof associations are fully supportive of this.

Nick Wergan ( a West Sussex head) is liaising with SSAT and state borders to get their / support representation too.

Twitter - #stillnotlistening

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