KAH Funding - Sevenoaks Partnership Well-being Project

One year on – how the KAH funded Well-being project in Sevenoaks Partnership continues to impact staff and pupils.   

KAH Funding - Sevenoaks Partnership Well-being Project

In 2016-17, KAH funded a Well-being Project in Sevenoaks.

The Well-being project had three main strands which have produced successful and sustainable results.

Strand One

Launching a MIND for schools programme. This year, the schools involved have continued to hold regular Mind Fitness Assemblies and report that levels of awareness about mental health issues has remained high.  Senior Leaders have kept Mental Health and Well-being on their School Improvement Plans and initiatives have evolved within schools eg some schools now have dedicated Nurture Groups which focus on pupils identified as needing support with well-being and mental health. Other schools have launched connected programmes eg Mindfulness sessions in Reception and Yoga in other year groups.

Strand Two

A Behaviour Audit Tool was created and trialled in three schools in the funded year. A year down the line, the Behaviour Audit has been broadened to focus most specifically on how well pupils are being supported to develop their independent learning skills and meta-cognitive ability. This is seen as a positive strategy for improving pupils’ self-image as effective learners, and consequently their well-being.  Two schools have been developing their pedagogical skills for enhancing pupil independence as a result of this work and two more schools are starting this developmental work during terms five and six.

Strand Three

The promotion of staff well-being included a Partnership Conference and EdSpace training for Senior Leaders. Staff were encouraged to make life style changes to improve the management of stress and they reported that seeing this modelled by Senior Leaders empowered them to make those changes. One year on, schools report that actions put in place following the conference are still having a positive impact on staff well-being eg one school makes time to eat together as a staff at least once a week at lunchtime; another school has set up a weekly staff fitness session after school.

Gillian Lovatt-Young, Headteacher, Shoreham Village School

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