KAH Funding - How to increase engagement in boys reading

Alan Peach, assistant headteacher (ACE Learning) focuses on the issues, methodology, project funding and outcomes of How to increase engagement in boys reading.

KAH Funding - How to increase engagement in boys reading

How to increase engagement in boys reading – effective use of the KAH funding for schools Directed by Alan Peach Assistant HT (ACE Learning)

KAH Funding Project 2015-17  

ACE Schools Collaboration – Furley Park – John Wesley – Hamstreet

The ACE group of schools wanted to focus on boy’s reading as this was an area of underperformance across the collaboration. It was felt that there were specific concerns across all 3 schools and a joint project could address some of these issues. The funding bid was to provide for a senior leader to support reading across all three schools.

1.    The Issue

Underachieving boys at Y4 not reaching age expected in Y6 tests in Reading. Hard to reach boys with low interest in the reading process. Not real readers. They read from compulsion, working slowly - they found difficulty in inference and deduction.

2.    Methodology

  • Chose 30 boys from Y5 classes across the three ACE schools over a two-year period so the programme would cover 60 in total. Progress would be measured using NC criteria but also the Leuven well-being scale.
  • Each boy to be taught in groups of six, once per week over whole year. No sessions to be missed at Christmas/school shows etc. 36 hours of teaching in total come rain, come shine.

  • The sessions were boy friendly with the aim of making them motivated real readers – reading because they wanted to and not because they were being told too.

  • CPD was shared with staff in all three schools to ensure there was sufficient understanding of the specific learning needs of boys and how the learning could be tailored to their strengths.

  • The criteria were that they were behind age related expectations (ARE) or at the lower end of expected achievement at beginning of Y5.

  • The groups were all taught by an AHT who delivered the programme across all three schools.

3.    Project X (Oxford University Press)

This was purchased for each school through KAH grant.
This was considered to be particularly appropriate as it offered choices, games and activities, engaging content and shorter books which were boy friendly. The same characters appear in most books and the content was based on ICT, adventure, risk etc.

4.    Outcomes

100% of boys achieved at least expected progress for Y5 and then onto Y6.

Began with 60% of boys at age related and ended with 80%.

Involvement levels (Leuven) raised hugely from compulsion to intrinsic motivation on average for Reading.

Action research communicated in CPD for all teachers and TA in 3 Schools. Methodology and materials used extensively in the schools now to sustain the momentum and impact of the project.

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