Leadership equality and diversity fund

Funding available for lead schools to co-ordinate school-led projects in their region.

The DfE are inviting applications from schools to co-ordinate school-led projects in each of the 8 regions of England. The Leadership equality and diversity fund aims to support projects that increase the diversity of school leadership and maximise the number of leaders available by raising aspirations and the chances of successful promotion among people with leadership potential.

The introduction of lead schools with responsibility for allocating funding to individual school-led projects and for co-ordinating funding across their region should lead to greater national coverage and opportunities to scale-up best practice delivery models.

If any Kent school is interested in applying for the role of lead school, please click here for further information.

Once the lead school for the South East and South London region is in place, there will be the opportunity to identify and develop local projects to increase diversity of leadership in Kent schools.

Please talk to your Leadership Advocate if you have ideas and proposals. 

What are the key priorities for Kent schools in increasing the diversity of Kent leaders and in ensuring equality of opportunity?

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