KAH at the heart of education provision in Kent

We are delighted to report that five KAH Board members have been asked to sit on Kent County Council’s new Stakeholder and Commissioning Board for education as well as having three headteachers as non-executives on KCC’s new education services company board.

KAH at the heart of education provision in Kent

At a time of great change in the way education provision is organised in Kent, the Kent Association of Headteachers has taken up a central role in ensuring that this provision is shaped in the way that is most helpful to schools.  As the diagram below shows, the KAH provides the link between the work of the KCC, including its new Education Services Company, and the work of the Teaching Schools in supporting school-to-school improvement across the County. 

The KAH has five representatives on the Kent Stakeholder and Commissioning Board which oversees all education and children's services provision across the County.  The Board has only met twice so far, but we are encouraged by the extent to which our views are already shaping decisions being made about the provision.  In addition, there are three Headteachers (representing secondary, primary and special) who have been appointed as Non-Executive Directors of the Education Services Company and who will help determine the services which are developed and made available to schools through the Company.

The Education Services Company has been set up to establish a new way of providing some of KCC's services to allow them to be more responsive to the needs of the people and schools that they serve.  The company will be wholly owned by KCC but able to invest its operating surplus into the services and support on which Headteachers and others depend.  Once it is launched in April, it will be the home of the following services that currently sit within the Children, Young People and Education Directorate, although other services could be added at a later date:

  • Early Years
  • Education Psychology
  • Education Safeguarding
  • Governor Support
  • Outdoor Education
  • School Improvement
  • Schools Financial Services
  • Skills and Employability
  • Patrick Leeson will be launching the name and branding of the company at the EduKent Expo on November 8, ahead of the formal launch in April.

The new Secondary School Improvement Fund (SSIF) provides a strong incentive for us all to be working together to ensure that any funding coming into Kent benefits the schools which most need it.  Good communication between the school improvement activity of the Local Authority and that of the Teaching Schools and other providers is essential and KAH can provide this.  The intelligence held at Area Board level about the schools in each of our Areas is vital in ensuring that good decisions are made in informing bids to the SSIF and in deciding on the priorities for our County.  Sub-groups of each Area Board, including Headteacher, Local Authority and Teaching School representatives, will meet to determine the pressing needs in their Area and they will feed that information into the School Effectiveness sub-group of the KAH.  This information will be used to inform the Regional Schools Commissioner of the priorities for SSIF bids in Kent. 

The diagram below explains the new structure.


As an Association, we are well positioned to represent your views and to harness local intelligence about our schools so that in this rapidly changing environment, the family of Kent schools can work together and ensure that all our children have the best provision possible.  So please keep in touch!

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