Opportunities for leaders to lead, be involved in and learn from local, national and international research and innovation.

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Title: Research Learning Communities (RlC)

The RLC approach has demonstrable impact and has been shown to build the capacity of participating teachers to:

  1. understand research;
  2. lead the development of research-informed instructional strategies, designed to improve specific teaching and learning issues within their schools;
  3. understand how to measure impact, and use impact measurement tools to assess the impact of the research-informed teaching strategies; and
  4. lead the successful roll out and take up of impactful research-informed teaching strategies across their school.


  • What is evidence-informed practice?
  • Theories of action
  • Measuring and sharing impact
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Title: Teacher Workload Research

KMTSN is conducting a research project (funded by NCTL) to:

  • Identify key themes in relation to data use and workload
  • Identify areas of promising current practice
  • Identify significant challenges and potential solutions
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Contact Lesley Donald, Director, Ashford Teaching Alliance
Title: Peer Review

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is funding the Education Development Trust (EDT) to pilot its Schools' Partnership Programme model of peer review with a large number of schools over a 3-year period starting in 2018.

Briefings were held in Kent on 16th October 2017 to enable schools to find out more Schools wishing to take part in the research should contact EDT directly.

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Title: Teacher Research Groups (various)
Summary: The Maths Hub has funding from the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching of Mathematics to facilitate a number of teacher-led research groups.
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Contact Sarah Rose, Maths Hub Administrator
Title: Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)

The EEF fund and evaluates research in relation to a range of education improvement themes. They provide a variety of tools to support evidence-based school improvement.

Check here  to find out which specific rounds are currently open for funding application : 

The next general Grant-funding round will open in January 2019. Projects of particular interest are those with high-potential :

  • Improving attainment outcomes and employment prospects of disadvantaged 16-18 year old students

Application Guidance Notes

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