What we do

Our role is to support the professional development of Kent school leaders, building and sustaining capacity for great leadership of schools and of the local education system.

The Kent Leaders in Leadership Strategy has been developed by the Kent Association of Headteachers (KAH) as a vehicle to drive key elements of the Association’s priorities:

  • To increase leadership capacity in the county’s schools
  • To promote school-led continuous improvement of performance
  • To promote partnerships and networks that support school-led improvement

The strategy aims to ensure that:

Leaders are valued and supported

We do this by providing opportunities for school leaders to engage in conferences, events, networks and research which inspire and motivate them, and by ensuring that there are clear systems and processes by which they can access support when it is needed.

Future leaders are identified and nurtured

We do this by planning, developing and providing access to a range of leadership development opportunities for current and future school leaders and by defining leadership pathways.

System leaders are developed

We do this by coordinating opportunities for experienced leaders to become system leaders and by sharing new and emerging models of leadership. We seek to build capacity for school leaders to work collaboratively to shape and deliver an effective, increasingly school-led, education system.

The delivery of the strategy’s objectives is achieved through partnership with KAH, the Kent and Medway Teaching Schools Network, Kent County Council, Kent Governors’ Association and Leadership Learning South East.

The Leadership Strategy Steering Group oversees the development and delivery of the strategy and coordinates the delivery work of partners.