Kent Association of Headteachers 2018-20


Kent Association of Headteachers 2018-20

The KAH exists to establish a school-led sustainable self-improving system in Kent, through a strategic partnership between all schools, the KMTSN, the Local Authority and other partners.

Its objectives are:

  • To support school-led continuous improvement of performance.
  • To increase leadership capacity in the county’s schools
  • To promote partnerships and networks that support school-led improvement.
  • To act as the voice of Kent headteachers within the county and beyond it.

The KAH has four Area Boards, each serving three Districts, and responsible for supporting the improvement of their schools. Membership of the Area Boards includes the following elected representatives:

  • the Headteachers of two Primary schools in each District;
  • the Headteacher of one Secondary school in each District.

Elected members will serve on the Area Board for two years, and be eligible for re-election. They are required to commit to:

  • attending all four scheduled meetings per year;
  • championing the KAH within the Area and beyond, and promoting other Heads’ involvement in the activities that it arranges;
  • sharing all communications and appropriate information, while maintaining confidentiality;

If you would like to be considered for one of these positions, please contact Sharon Batchelor, Business Support Officer for the Kent Association of Headteachers ( by 27 April 2018, stating your name, that of your school, and the District that you would be prepared to represent.

Elections will take place in May 2018.

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