Elections for KAH 2018 – 2020

Find out more about KAH’s elections! There are important opportunities for you to get involved by nominating yourself for headteacher roles on the Association’s Area Boards. More information will be supplied on the 17 April and you can self-nominate through until Friday 27 April.

Elections for KAH 2018 – 2020

This is advance information about KAH’s election where there will be an opportunity for you to nominate yourself for headteacher roles on the Association’s Area Boards.

Our aims:  KAH exists to establish a school-led sustainable and self-improving system in Kent, through a strategic partnership between all schools, the KMTSN, the Local Authority and other partners.

Its objectives are:

  • To support school-led continuous improvement of performance
  • To increase leadership capacity in the county’s schools
  • To promote partnerships and networks that support school-led improvement.
  • To act as the voice of Kent headteachers within the county and beyond it.

Opportunities:  The KAH has four Area Boards, each serving three districts, and responsible for supporting the improvement of their schools.  Membership of the Area Boards includes the following representatives:

  • the Headteachers of two primary schools in each district
  • the Headteacher of one secondary school in each district
  • the Headteacher of one special school in the area
  • the Headteacher of one PRU in the area.

New Area Boards will be needed for the period 2018-20 and appointments will be made within the current school year. 

  • Details of elections for members to represent primary and secondary schools will be published in April, and self-nominations invited. 
  • Details of the processes for appointing representatives of special schools and PRUs are to be announced.

Watch this space: We will be providing more information about the KAH elections by email and on our website on Tuesday 17 April. People will be able to make self-nominations from Tuesday 17 through till Friday the 27 April 2018.

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